Nominations Committee

A Student Led Process

The Nominations Committee includes students, the principals and staff members of both schools. The students are a combination of current students and graduates of the two schools now attending O’Maley and Gloucester High. With support from the principal and staff members, the students on the Nominations Committee will

  • Help develop the public outreach process to get nominations for the name of the new school

  • Review all names that are nominated by members of the public

  • Select up to 10 names to be Semifinalists

  • Provide information and give presentations to help the public give input on the Semifinalists

  • Meet with and get input about the Semifinalists from the EGS and Veterans’ Alumni Group

  • Recommend up to four names to be considered further by the School Committee.

  • Work with the Superintendent and the School Committee on the public process that will result in the full School Committee ultimately deciding on the new name.

While it may not be conventional for students to play such a significant role in an important decision-making process, with adult support, the students will be able to lead a process that will be inclusive, open, and thorough.

Involving students in critical decisions about their school reflects a core part of the educational mission of the Gloucester Public Schools -- fostering meaningful student engagement and developing students’ skills and knowledge so they can participate thoughtfully in their community.