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November 10, 2022

Supt. Lummis reported that the Project Funding Agreement (PFA) has been signed by the Mayor and the Massachusetts School Building Authority. The PFA had been held up due to litigation that was recently fully resolved in the City's favor. With the execution of the PFA, the City will begin receive reimbursement from the MSBA for eligible project costs incurred to date and going forward. Owners Project Manager, CBRA/Heery has been working to get all past invoices submitted.

Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery reported that the project remains on track, but that there was some slippage in schedule due to labor shortages this past month that WT Rich will make up with additional manpower. The focus has been on getting the building closed up before the colder weather. Metal panels are being installed on the exterior and windows were scheduled to arrive next week. The project is now over 50% complete.

Tom Hood of WT Rich presented the Open Space view of the project which provides a detailed view of the interior of the building. He noted the gym is starting to take shape.

October 13, 2022

The project remains on schedule and on budget as reported by Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery. The project team continues to monitor material delays, but WT Rich, the construction manager, has been able to make accommodations to keep the project on track. Change orders are being managed closely. Almost $70,000 of scope has been able to be added back into the project. Please see Weekly Updates for more detail on work being performed.

Dore & Whittier has begun the furniture, fixture and equipment procurement process and has been working with the District on selections. Sample furniture options have been delivered to EGS and Veterans Memorial for educators to try out and provide feedback.

A drone video provided a nice view of the overall progress on the project.

September 8, 2022

Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery provided an overview of the project and reported that it remains on schedule and on budget. Delays in materials have been well managed by the project team to keep the project on track. The construction is approximately 50% complete.

Contracts awarded to Minority and Women owned businesses (MBE/WBE) is 16.4% of the total vs a target of 11.2%.

Alex Corbett of WT Rich presented an "Open Space" tour of the exterior and interior tour of the building, showing details of the brick and other finishes on the exterior and pointing out various aspects of the interior design taking shape. Temporary window coverings are being installed so that work on interior finishes can be underway.

August 11, 2022

Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery reported that the project is tracking well and within budget. All subcontractor work has been awarded. The Committee reviewed four change orders, three of which were accounted for during the Value Engineering phase. The change orders included cost increases related to site conditions, changes in dry wall density in certain places, metal / soffit design and wiring. All change orders are within the project budget contingencies.

It was also reported that the Appeals Court affirmed the decision of the Superior Court in the Amaral v. City of Gloucester in which the City of Gloucester prevailed.

July15, 2022

Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery presented the monthly update which noted that the project remains on schedule and within budget. Subcontractor awards are 99% complete. To date, there are approximately $100k in potential changes orders. The playground budget is approximately $37k over budget due to additional playground equipment.

Alex Corbett of WT Rich gave the construction update. Stairwells are complete in Building A, sheathing is 65-70% complete. The glulam beams (wood lamination coverings) are in and look great.

June 9, 2022

As presented by Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery, the project remains on track in terms of schedule and budget. Delivery times and material availability are being closely monitored by the project team due to market conditions.

Tom Hood of WT Rich reported that utilities are 90% complete, stairwells are close to completing, and interior framing is also going on. A key focus is getting the building enclosed.

May 12, 2022

Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery reported that the project is approximately 30% complete and remains on track and on budget. Steel erection is 100% complete on Building A, 90% complete on Building B, the west retaining wall is complete. For more detailed information, please see Weekly Project Updates.

Due to market conditions, there are ongoing lead time concerns which are being closely managed.

Alex Corbett and Jon Rich showed a new video technology that they have begun using on site called "Open Space" which captures the interior construction detail.

April 14, 2022

The building project continues to be on track in terms of budget and timeline as reported by Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery. Structural steelwork is nearing completion as well as underground utility work. The first concrete slab pour was completed and the next one is scheduled for April 20, 2022, which will be an extended day at the site. Neighbors have been notified. Please see Weekly Project Updates on the upper right of this page for a detailed list of construction activities.

The Topping Off ceremony was held on April 8th with brief remarks. The raising of the beam was accompanied by music a guest appearance from Principal Fusco's band which included two fifth-graders - one from East Gloucester and the other from Veterans' Memorial.

March 10, 2022 School Building Committee Meeting

The project budget and timeline remains on track as reported by Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery. BH also reported that the full building permit has been received.

Alex Corbett from WT Rich reviewed a very detailed project plan for the next few weeks and said that steel erection is on schedule despite 4-5 days of adverse weather. Slabs will be poured later in the month which will require 2-3 longer work days at the project site.

BH provided an overview of the reports that are prepared during construction (Field Reports, Monthly Construction reports, MSBA Progress Reports) and showed examples of each (these can be viewed in the packet). BH also provided a breakdown and definitions of the project budget by type and costs to date.

There will be a Topping Off ceremony on April 8 where the ceremonial last steel beam will be hoisted into place.

February 10, 2022 School Building Committee Meeting

Brian Hromadka of CBRE/Heery presented the project update and also described the vigorous process that the project team follows for putting in place fair and comprehensive contracts with subcontractors to get the project done on time and without issues. The Gloucester Building Dept. has reviewed completed drawings for the building permit which should be issued soon.

Alex Corbett from W.T. Rich presented the construction project schedule and showed progress photos from the site. Deliveries of steel have begun and erection has started on the "A" building (academic wing). AC showed a graphic of the sequencing of the erection of the building. Deliveries are being staged at the Beverly rest stop so that there is no congestion on on Webster Street.

The Building Committee approved the Guaranteed Maximum Price ("GMP") Contract for the project contractor, W.T. Rich in the amount of $51,925,531 which is the amount of the original construction budget. (The total contract with W.T. Rich is $52,270,320 which includes preconstruction work and work at St. Ann's which is funded through other budgets). Jonathan Rich of W.T. Rich reviewed the details of the contract and construction allowances and value engineering assumptions that enable the project to stay within budget.

The Building Committee voted to have the Owner’s Project Manager (CBRE) approve the remaining Letters of Recommendations ("LORs") for subcontractors that are already included in the construction budget. This will enable the project to move forward expeditiously.

The Building Committee voted to add back the built-in classroom window seats which Supt. Lummis and Principals Fusco and Paquarello felt are important to the educational design. This charge will be covered by project contingency funds and partly offset by savings on other costs of the project. CBRE noted they felt comfortable the team would still be able to deliver the project within the total project budget.

Project Photos & Videos

Flyby Tour of the proposed new East Gloucester/Veterans' Building

Interactive visioning workshop with project architects and designers. Building Committee members and the public were invited to view a series of "vision boards" and give feedback on a variety of images. This sparked conversation to begin defining design directions for the new school building, to ensure that the final design reflects the values, history, and unique qualities of the community, in addition to meeting our students' educational needs.

Overview of the new school's site layout for parking and drop off.

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