East Gloucester/ Veterans' Building Project

Opening Fall 2023

July 27 City Council Update

School Committee Chair Pope, Superintendent Lummis, and Brad Dore of Dore & Whittier provided a project update to the City Council on the ongoing work with MSBA, moving out of Veterans' and into St. Ann's, and the timeline for abatement, demolition of the Veterans' School, and beginning of construction.

July 8 School Building Committee Meeting

Brad Dore from Dore & Whittier reviewed the list of value engineering items that were recommended by the subcommittee for consideration to bring the construction estimate in line with the budget. Supt. Lummis highlighted that there is no impact on the educational program. The Committee voted to approve the list as presented.

June 30 School Building Committee Meeting

Brian Hromadka from CBRE/Heery reviewed current construction budget estimates and the current market pricing on certain materials (e.g. steel) which show there is a potential impact on the construction budget. He discussed the Value Engineering process to keep the project budget on track. A subcommittee was established to review a detailed list as consideration for reducing costs. The subcommittee will meet prior to the next School Building Committee meeting on July 8 and bring forth their recommendations for the committee to consider.

The Committee approved change order management and approval levels as presented at the 6/10/21 meeting. All change orders in any amount will be reported to the School Building Committee throughout the project. Michele Rogers of Dore & Whittier reviewed the Detailed Design development submission which will be submitted to the MSBA on or about July 14.

The work at St. Ann's is proceeding as planned. Supt. Lummis will be reaching out to the neighborhood to communicate about parking, traffic circulation and other related matters.

June 10 School Building Committee Meeting

Brian Hromadka from CBRE/Heery, the Owner's Project Manager (OPM) reviewed the project milestone schedule and a recommended Change Order Management process. The committee approved the radon design fee as an added line item of the budget (will reduce the Owners Contingency line item). The project team of CBRE/Heery, Dore & Whittier and WT Rich are keeping an eye on materials costs and delayed delivery times as they plan for the project phases. The Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education have approved the special education program design.

St. Ann's School work continues in preparation for serving the Veterans' Memorial School students and staff in the fall.

The next School Building Committee meeting will be held on June 30 to review the 60% Detailed Design for submission to the MSBA.

June 8 City Council meeting on Special Permit

On June 8, the City Council held a public hearing and voted 8-1 in favor of granting the special permit for the East Gloucester/Veteran's Memorial School Building Project. During the public hearing School Committee Chair Jonathan Pope and Superintendent Ben Lummis presented the rationale for the special permit on the height of the building. In approving the special permit, city councilors spoke of the importance of the new school for the families in downtown and East Gloucester and how the new school will have an overall positive impact on the neighborhood and entire community. The approval of the special permit is one more step in the final permitting process for the construction of Gloucester's new school building.

June 2 City Council P&D Subcommittee

After three subcommittee meetings and multiple site visits, the City Council Planning and Development Subcommittee voted 3-0 in favor of a special permit for the East Gloucester/Veteran's Memorial School Building Project. The full City Council will vote on this matter at the June 8 meeting where a public hearing will be held prior to discussion and vote. Meeting materials are below:

Project Photos & Videos

Flyby Tour of the proposed new East Gloucester/Veterans' Building

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Interactive visioning workshop with project architects and designers. Building Committee members and the public were invited to view a series of "vision boards" and give feedback on a variety of images. This sparked conversation to begin defining design directions for the new school building, to ensure that the final design reflects the values, history, and unique qualities of the community, in addition to meeting our students' educational needs.

Overview of the new school's site layout for parking and drop off.

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